Another literary treasure has floated before my eyes

For the time being,

buddhism, diaries, flotsam –

or is it jetsam?


I read a review on a couple of books at the weekend and thought of one of them in particular `Now there`s an interesting one`.   I bought both today but decided to dive straight into that one:  `A Tale for the Time Being`, by a writer by the name of Ruth Ozeki.    I`ve not heard of her before, not that that matters.  The other one can wait a bit (it cost me 18.00 euro so it had better be good when I get around to reading it – why must books cost so much!!*)  I`m a couple of chapters into it already.    Looks great!!   I already recommend it.  Must get back to it now.

* I generally don`t buy books on the internet where they can be much cheaper unless I really can`t find something in `real` bookshops and also I`m slightly lazy and impatient about it – if I like the look of a book I want it in my hands as soon as possible.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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