Having prominent

thoughts of a return to ole

Japan but hang on…

… my head is usually telling me to stay put where I am and I`m even planning to move out to a new abode so how does J fit in to this?  It doesn`t really.    You`re great Japan but if you don`t mind I`m attempting to focus on other things right now.  What to do what to do.

It`s been a while since I wrote my last post but I have been kinda busy and I just couldn`t think of something to write about despite regularly reading the news from Japan.   I`ve managed to get a few J-dramas in though all this while and films too (I think I may add Ryõ Kase, who was in one of these films, to my shibui list – there is definitely something about him.  He is good looking and  kinda cool and as an actor he`s very talented – being able to play a wide variety of roles – though being shibui does not really include your competence at your job).  I`m still enjoying the drama  about the divorced couple.   Such good actors in that and the story has just taken a very interesting spin.  There`s another one I started watching about a Japanese American family (with a blow-in from Tokyo) in the west coast of the USA but that`s not that good (the acting is dire at times).  There are no more episodes being posted up for that anyway so just as well.   It`s great when you find a J-drama you like but it`s still a good thing that most J-dramas only have about 10 -13 episodes.  I was given a link to a film called Princess Toyotomi lately so I watched it yesterday.  Quite good.  I can never help myself, when I see places I have been to myself (such as Osaka, the city the film is set in), from going `I was there!  I was there!` (Maybe it is time to go back to Japan and add more places to my `I was there!` list hahaha).

Terrible to hear about the bombing in Boston – on Patriots Day and all (though obviously that is part of the message from the culprits).   Those low lifes whoever they are, are obviously smarter low lifes (and yes it should be lives but the plural used in this case is lifes*) than people give them credit for, though maybe the US is not paying as much attention to security as it used to be post-911.   I hope they`re caught and punished but somehow I don`t think there will ever be an end to this antagonism and need for revenge against the US (and other powerful countries).  I believe a lot of countries are going on security alert.   I`m just glad I live in a fairly non-descript city, as much as I may complain about it, though there is one link which might piss off said terrorists (it certainly pisses off the locals who don`t want this link to exist).   I guess Japan is already on security alert what with the `friendly` neighbours next door threatening nuclear action.  I don`t think Japan would ever be considered targets for the wing of terrorism targeted at the US but who knows.  It seems any country closely linked with the USA is no friend of theirs.   Anyway, sorry to sound like a scare-monger.  Enough about that.


* Excuse the linguistic nerdiness there.  I can`t help it.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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