Quiet down!!

The elderly are 

wanting a quiet life but

that is not to be.


Well, according to a news article I read lately, it seems the elderly in Japan are becoming quite intolerant when it comes to children/teenagers.   I already knew that landlords were reluctant to rent apartments to couples with very young children as it would be a nuisance to other tenants but suing a childcare centre for emotional distress as in the case of one family in a suburb of Tokyo??  It is very selfish of people, of whatever age, to expect other citizens to move on tiptoe around them or in silence especially young children who are meant to be boisterous and lively.   If you`re going to live near a school/creche, you have to expect sounds of life coming from them.   In Taiwan, they have introduced fines for couples whose children make noise after a certain time of night.   I can understand that but these people in Japan are complaining about day-time `noise`.  That fine idea is a bit troublesome as it could just make already weak relations between neighbors even worse as it could lead to tit for tat situations.   I don`t have children myself so I`m not even being biased towards children or parents of children but I do like children and so I  don`t think this is fair as children are children and are meant to be lively. It cannot be helped either if babies or young children are crying for some reason in the middle of the night (they could be sick or whatever).

I can`t blame the elderly for wanting a quiet life at retirement age and maybe to pass on to the next world in peace (and according to Taro Aso`s wishes!! ).  I also have respect for the elderly generally but they can`t really expect their fellow citizens of an overpopulated city such as Tokyo to tiptoe around them.

Haven`t heard a whole lot about the Senkaku islands dispute recently but I heard of a major gaffe the French President made in Japan lately – mistakenly saying China instead of Japan at one part in his speech saying he sympathized with the people of China over the death of Japanese hostages (was it in Libya?).    The simultaneous interpreter picked up on it and translated it as it should have been, i.e. he sympathized with the people of Japan, but there were journalists in the room who understood French and picked up on his gaffe.   Oops.   I honestly think though that that was just a mistake and if he did realize it during the speech he was probably too embarrassed to correct himself.

Anyway, haven`t posted a blog in a while.  Been very busy.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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