Love in different forms at the cinema

Two films to ponder

both about love of women…

…. mostly anyway

So I`m back again after a long time out.   A month exactly.  Wow.  Must see to it that I blog more often.   Well I have two more films to add to my list.  Not necessarily my Best Of list though.   I read a review of a film called `Tony Takitani` on a site called Nippon Cinema which looked really good so the next time I popped into a shop selling dvds, I found it and bought it.   Though this shop sells many Japanese and other Asian films, I wasn`t expecting to find this one as it seemed more obscure.  I actually thought it would be a light film which is why I chose it (over Hiroshima Mon Amour which I was going to buy but didn`t) but it wasn`t really – quite heavy in fact.    Unusual and original idea though.  This man, the title character, who had spent most of his life as a loner falls in love with this woman with an expensive clothes habit (and I mean expensive).   After a while together, he asks her to try and cut back on the clothes buying as much as he himself loves how she looks in the clothes, and the result is interesting.  It might edge towards the Best of list but not close enough to get on it.  The main actress in it is the actress from Twilight Samurai, which is also from 2004 I think.   She`s very good in it.

The other film is one I went to see at the cinema and is actually from last year but is only being shown now – it wouldn`t be one for the local multiplex(es) which is the only choice where I live so I saw it when I was away for a few days.   It`s called `Like someone in love` directed by an Iranian guy but is otherwise set in Japan with Japanese actors and crew.   Pleasantly surprised to see Ryo Kase`s name come up on the opening credits because his name didn`t feature on the poster for the film or in the review I read in the paper.  I guess he`s not one of the two main actors whose names would obviously appear.  I only skimmed over this review as I didn`t want to risk any spoilers ( some moronic film reviewers tend to go too far right?).   The film was slow to begin with but things soon came to a pretty abrupt end!! Won`t spoil it for ye.   Ryo Kase plays the really controlling boyfriend of this girl who funds her study by prostitution.  Her latest client is a writer who only really wants to play house rather than the usual service and he develops a genuine fondness for the girl (a love in total contrast to the twisted idea the boyfriend has of being in a relationship).  The boyfriend doesn`t know this though.    It`s smart and funny in some places (the caterpillar joke among others as well as some witty comments from the old man) but this is another film that won`t make it onto my `Best of` list.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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