Mosquitoes and blood types

Mosquitoes and their

powers of perception on

which blood type to suck

So a lot of people reading this might know of the obsession with blood types in Japan.   Apparently, your blood type can define your personality traits just like star signs are supposed to elsewhere.   The bodily characteristic that is the blood type of a person are given in the list of physical characteristics of celebrities and well-known people (usually hair colour, height, eye colour, blood-type).   One politician in Japan recently tried to use their blood type to explain something stupid he said.    `Oh sorry, it`s my blood type you know.  It means I say such things without thinking`.  Hmmm.   Anyway, according to a report I read on ヤフー this morning, apparently mosquitoes can detect your blood type before even biting you.    Wow.   Guess where this scientific news flash is supposed to have come from?   Yes, Japan.  The report was generally about mosquitoes and the various factors that attract them to some people rather than others but the point about blood type was apparently based on the work of scientists in Japan.   Given the aforementioned obsession with blood types this is kind of understandable but no scientists were mentioned by name so it could have been the author of the article just pinning this on the Japanese.  Or maybe the scientists in question did not want to give their name because the idea would not be taken seriously?

I read the article because I had seen the headline and wanted to see if one of my guesses were right about the colour of your clothes.   I thought red because it would remind mosquitoes of blood which they obviously like.  I was right but black is even more common than red.   Surely black is a bad colour to wear anyway in mosquito climates because it`s already hot so wearing black can`t help.   But apparently mosquitoes go around hoping people are wearing black or red.  Khaki and yellow are good colours to wear apparently as mosquitoes don`t like them.  Anyway, the blood type fact made me think of this obsession with blood type.   I don`t know my own blood type so I really don`t know how a mosquito could detect it or even know once they bite into a person`s skin.  `Ooh bloodtype O!! Didn`t I make a good guess!!  I must come after this person for dinner and supper as well`.   Blood type O is the most popular among mosquitoes apparently.    Anyone can get bitten by a mosquito at any time, regardless of your clothes, bloodtype, being pregnant or not.    They`re opportunistic little sods who will bite when they can and they are not really that picky.

Even given my interest in the article regarding the colour of your clothes, most articles on ヤフー are really to be taken with a pinch of salt.  Just make sure that the mosquitoes don`t smell that salt.


2 thoughts on “Mosquitoes and blood types

  1. I’m one of those that gets bitten by mosquitos all of the time! I’ll get 10 bites when everyone else didn’t even know there were swarms of them flying around. Actually, I don’t know my blood type, which Japanese people find so surprising. Haha Maybe I should just guess that I’m an O!


    • KorubettosHaiku says:

      Oh really you must have a busy time putting on your anti-mosquito repellent!! My current nemesis is the horsefly – buggers are everywhere though the weather has changed now so they`re in hiding.


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