Fads and creatures of a different sort

Fancy snails on your

face for a little massage 

and skin improvement?

Yes, moving on from mosquitoes and onto less harmful creatures.   The latest fad in beauty care in salons around Tokyo (at least) is for having snails crawling around your face.  Apparently, whatever is in their slime (for want of a better word) is good for your skin.    I don`t think I`d mind this too much but I`d have to know how exactly it is supposed to be good for your skin before venturing for this type of beauty care.   I don`t remember the article stating why.

One thing I would like to try someday for the other end of the body – my feet – is another little creature-related beauty treatment.  That thing where you slip your feet into water and these little fish nibble on the soles which is apparently meant to get rid of dead skin. I`d try it just for the novelty value.   Until then I`ll just have to use my usual footcare implements.  The weather here for the last two weeks has been our hottest spell ever (consistently hot and balmy) and so I have had the chance to go to the beach quite a few times and hang around wearing sandals and so on.  So the feet must look good for this kind and length of public exposure (pity other people don`t give the same consideration regarding other parts of their persons – nothing smutty in mind here folks, just shirtless red-skinned guys walking around towns and cities around the country – cover yourself up please and leave the shirtlessness for the beaches!!).

By the way I was considering tagging this post Women in Japan but didn`t want to disappoint anyone expecting a serious discussion on issues facing women in Japan.  I have such a post in mind actually.  Besides, men might just as easily avail of this type of treatment.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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