Forces of power, mother nature or manmade …. bahhh!!

Mother Nature and 

her power, stupid army

blunders …. power eh??

Very sorry to hear of another two earthquake disasters – one in Gansu, China and the other in Wellington, New Zealand (the nicest city in New Zealand I think, not that it matters).    No human casualties in New Zealand but there were many in the Chinese earthquake and the toll is rising.  Natural disasters seem to be an omnipotent and omnipresent threat.   Not to mention global warming.    The rain has returned here, for a bit, which I have to say is good to freshen up the place and get rid of pests for a while.   Horseflies and lobster-skinned posers be gone!!

Regarding these natural disasters, let me move onto the March 2011 disaster and the on-going fall-out from it.    Tepco has recently had to acknowledge a leak of radioactive water  into the Pacific.   People are naturally worried about the effects on marine life (apart from whales I assume which are already under threat, not to be facetious).  Then, other news elsewhere about a very large number of nuclear plant workers in Fukushima being found to be at high risk of thyroid cancer.  The original figure was much less and it seems certain construction companies may be obliging their employees to hide the real level of radiation revealed by their radiation detectors and divulging a much less harmful sounding amount instead.

News of the public acknowledgement by Tepco of the former (the radioactive water) was held off, rather conveniently, until after the sweeping win in the upper house parliamentary elections this last week by Shinzo Abe`s LDP.     They knew about it before that.  As for Abe, the PM, well whatever about his Abe-nomics which seems to be working (I`m not one who is overly interested in economics to be honest but you can`t exactly avoid talk of it wherever you go), his intention to review the pacifist Japanese constitution is a tad scary and won`t help ease relations with Japan`s neighbors.  He has pledged this week not to hurry his plans in this regard but still …

Speaking of other powerful omnipresent threats, the dropping of bombs on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia by American pilots doing bomb practice is a disgrace.    Obviously it`s horrible to think what country they need this practice for and how many victims there will eventually be but this is just idiocy.  Apparently, they had to drop them somewhere in a hurry and for some reason missed their practice island so they just decided to drop them over the beautiful Unesco-protected Barrier Reef in the rush to get home.     What an excuse.

Onto a more positive kind of human `power`, there was a nice report from Tokyo today of a woman being rescued from the gap between a 32-tonne train and the platform by her fellow commuters who, along with the train station staff, all worked together to push the train sideways to allow someone to pull her out.   That`s real inspiring.  How she managed to fall down I don`t know.  Probably in the crush but aren`t there barriers in most Tokyo train stations to prevent this (or to prevent people deliberately ending up on the tracks)?


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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