Literary efforts

One for the booker

prize perhaps but the gumi

prefer lighter stuff

Nice to hear that Ruth Ozeki`s novel A tale for the time being which I mentioned in a previous post (back in March?) is on the long-list of 13 novels for the Man Booker prize.  I haven`t read any of the other novels in question so I can`t compare but this novel would definitely deserve some kind of prize.

Onto literary efforts of a different sort, one branch of the yakuza apparently have their own magazine out now.   The content sounds rather quaint, articles about angling and playing Go and Shogi included, even attempts at haiku.  Aren`t they  really just gentlemen at the end of the day??  Ahem… It`s only meant to be circulated among members of a particular gumi but of course it got out to the media (accidentally on purpose) because apparently it needs to be shown that the Yakuza have some good points as well.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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