Tohoku farming revival hopes

Farming a big thing

in Tohoku so will soon

be revived we hope


Just browsing an online newspaper today (from Japan) and I came across O.G.A. for Aid, a grassroots NPO helping farmers in the Tohoku region rebuild their farms and replant their crops.   They need funds to help their progress and for every donation you can choose a perk, for e.g. a t-shirt with a slogan `Support Forever` on it or a pair of sunglasses designed by a popular accessories designer in support of O.G.A, or other items.   Good work people and good luck!!     There`s definitely no `shou ga nai` about these folks!!

More information can be found on this and other causes at

I remember reading an article a good while ago about one particular dairy farmer in the Tohoku region who refused to leave his cattle behind on the farm and evacuate, and so he stayed on the farm himself with them.  I wonder what has since become of this man and his cattle?   That is one of those really nice stories you hear from Japan every now and then – a bit like the woman being rescued at the train station the other day by her fellow commuters.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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