Another Ogawa find

The sun has returned

well.. kind of, and with two new

books I am sorted …

… for the time being.   I was in my local library this morning while running an errand and I was looking for a particular book.  Before finding it, I came across another of Yoko Ogawa`s novels.  Quite a pleasant surprise.    It`s called Hotel Iris.  I`ve read one of her other books The Housekeeper + and the Professor as I`ve mentioned before and really enjoyed it.  This one looks good too but far removed in subject from the innocence of the Housekeeper novel.  I tried not to look at the back of the book but in vain.   Sometimes you`re better off not reading it but then you can`t help it.  Anyway the fact that it was Yoko Ogawa`s made me pick it up straight away.   I`m looking forward to reading both.  I think I will start with Ogawa`s as it`s quite short.  Then I`ll be able to dig into the other one because it`s quite an epic and it`s only book one of a long series.  Can you guess what it is?

No spoilers on either one please!! : )

I watched Mongol again lately because it`s such a good film and Tadanobu Asano`s portrayal of Genghis Khan is just great.   People have said that his Japanese accent came across at times.  Well I don`t know any Mongolian but I thought he sounded authentic (I`ve heard my fair share of Chinese but Mongolian sounds different again from that).   However, watching it again last night I could swear I heard …deshou at the end of certain sentences only pronounced so quickly you`d have to be listening to pay attention to it.   Not necessarily by Asano though (maybe once from him).  Maybe he wasn`t the only Japanese person on the cast or maybe there`s an expression in Mongolian that ends in something similar but I definitely heard it a few times.  Anyway he learned Mongolian for that film and the other actors were impressed with his use of the language and knowledge of the customs which they taught him (according to the `making of` section) so he really did a great job of the role, in all aspects, and it doesn`t affect my enjoyment of the film.    The actress who plays his wife was brilliant as well and she wasn`t even a professional actress at the time.  The soundtrack of the film is mostly Icelandic and Russian heavy metal which adds another interesting side to it.  They do all look like heavy metal guys though those warriors.  I don`t like that kind of music myself but it adds a good touch to the film.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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