Beauty and the cosmetics beast

Light-skinned or dark-skinned

is no-one happy with their

daily reflection…

… in the mirror?  I ask this because I hear that a Japanese cosmetics company  has had to recall products from their shops both in Japan and Taiwan due to a substance in certain whitening products they sell causing a problem for customers.  The actual name of the substance, here`s the science bit, is  4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanone, aka Rhododenol.

So the pale and interesting look is hard to promote in some parts of the world* over the dangers of seeking that perfect tan (no doubt products with tanning agents in them are dubious as well) while in other parts of the world, the pale – and maybe not interesting but more alluring – look is the holy grail for some **women.      The cosmetics industry of course has brought out many products to help people achieve their chosen look but at a price as it seems with these recalled products.    Until I heard of this problem with that company, I had always taken with a pinch of salt most claims that such and such a product can cause cancer (cosmetic products I`m talking about now, not the sunbeds and the sun itself, which are widely known as cancer causes) and I am not saying that the problem with the products of this particular company is a cancer causing problem as there was no mention of that in the article and I don`t want to be sued (yikes) but there is obviously a serious problem here.

*  Some men also go to great lengths to get a tan.  Possibly, in the parts of the world where skin lightening is common, there may be men who go for it as well.

* *Note I say `some` women.   That`s important.







Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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