The Fuji fee

To climb Fuji San

you will soon need to pay a

preservation fee

Speaking of beauty of another sort, it seems there  is going to be a fee introduced to climb Mount Fuji pretty soon.  The fee will be run on a trial basis initially and you can choose whether you want to pay it (a voluntary donation in other words).  However, after a few weeks it will be compulsory.  The money is supposed to go to preservation efforts and keeping it pretty.   Well that`s the idea.

I assume they have always been concerned about keeping Japan`s most sacred mountain in good nick but did not want to bring money into it as they did not feel they had the authority to do so.  However, it seems now that it`s UNESCO protected it`s more important than before.    I personally wouldn`t mind paying it as it`s only 1,000 yen (7 euros/10 dollars) – at the moment and I think that should be it, no changes at the whim of the prefecture heads –  and for me it would most likely be a one-off but I can see why people would disagree with it.   It`s like people are saying that only now that it is UNESCO protected that the people in charge are suddenly concerned about keeping it clean.   I doubt this is true.  Another thing is it makes it look like the climbers up to now have not been tidying up after themselves.  Well maybe a few haven`t – there are always some – but I imagine most have.    If I saw someone dropping rubbish on Mount Fuji on my way up, I`d personally feel like giving them a kick back down the mountain (but would probably make do with glaring at them until they wanted to jump themselves – this seems passive aggressive I know but I`d probably be too out of breath to argue with them).

This picture, as before, is from

Beautiful Mount Fuji

Beautiful Mount Fuji


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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