Strange films from Tokyo!

Unusual set

of three short films set in

the grand capital 

Why did I use an exclamation mark in my post title?!  Well, I`m referring to a trio of short films all grouped together under the title Tokyo!   From 2008.  Very unusual.  The first and third ones deal with anonymity and loneliness in the city but also about realizing your ambitions and how you contribute to society (or not).  The actor in the third one is another actor of note  – Teriyuki Kagawa.  He`s in a couple of other films on my film homage list – Yureru and Tokyo Sonata and he`s probably in lots of other stuff too.   I think he was in `I just didn`t do it` as well but I can`t remember.    As for the second one,  that was definitely the most unusual.  It dealt with the most alien-like foreigner the director could come up with facing comments like `if you don`t like it here why do you stay here?`and throwing the xenophobia he faces back in the face of those being xenophobic in the most violent way.    I suppose it was a different way of tackling this subject but at the same time …. `What the….!`  It almost seemed like it was justifying violence against the country you immigrate to because it`s a way of dealing with how you are being treated.

Apart from that unusual trio, I`ve swapped around a few of the films in my film list because I decided I wasn`t sure if certain films deserved to be up with the ones I really like.    Some might be surprised to see certain films in the last section but do offer your opinion if it confounds you that much!! : )


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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