Oh no not the gyouza!!

Pissed off with your job?

Well don`t take it out on us

gyouza lovers please : (

I do love my gyouza but have not had them in quite a while.  So I was not pleased to hear the report about a Chinese guy with a grudge against his bosses who took his grudge out on gyouza consumers.   This guy worked in a food manufacturing factory in some part of China back in 2007 and got sentenced recently for injecting a toxic chemical into the gyouza being produced for export*.   Consumers in Japan got sick from it (10 complained, but maybe more suffered)  and that`s what got him caught.  It also of course set off an alarm about the safety of Chinese food products being exported abroad (which, as recently as last year, came up for debate again).  This is back in 2007, as I mentioned, but he`s only being sentenced now.  Anyway, better late than never (though I do wonder what have they been doing with him since then).    He was said to be frustrated with the poor pay in his job and there was also something about his wife not getting a bonus when she left on maternity leave.      Luckily noone died from this.   Even if there had been a fatality, it is different to stories of how other frustrated people have dealt with their anger towards their employers.  That`s for sure.  It didn`t actually say what the penalty was going to be but hopefully, if he hasn`t been fired that is, they`re paying him better (or at least keeping him away from the gyouza!!)


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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