Endless trouble between the neighbours

Aso is being

an a** again with scary

views of history

So Taro Aso, the Finance minister and Deputy PM, has made another terrible comment only this one is far worse and likely to only stir up more tension than there already is between Japan and her neighbours.      He reckons that Japan should look to the way the weimar constitution was revised by the nazis when considering how they can revise Japan`s.    He seems to have retracted it but too late in my opinion  – what a fool.  And now he won`t resign.

The whole situation between Korea and Japan seems a bit tit-for-tat at the moment (for want of a better word as the situations I am about to list do not necessarily happen as a response to the event before it and if there`s any chronological order to the incidents I haven`t looked it up), with one nation causing offence to the other in some way including: the football incident with the giant hangul sign (you could have seen it from Mars) generalizing about the Japanese race; more recently a Korean born Japanese university professor, critical of South Korea, being refused entry to Korea for a family wedding and a town in Osaka not agreeing with a Californian sister town`s decision to put up a monument to the comfort women (which has been happening in various places across the US I believe).    Well, the Californian sister town made a statement saying that each of its sister towns had agreed to help the funding of the monument without asking the Osaka town apparently.  Well, they probably guessed what the Japanese town would have said to that request and in this case their guess was right.    So I`m not sure what the Californian town was thinking of really not that I`m defending the attitude of the Osaka town.

At least Shinzo Abe seems to have decided not to visit the controversial Yasukuni shrine for the August anniversary coming up but some of his party members reckon it`s ok if they go and if he goes later on in the year instead.   Well, hopefully Abe is going to stick to his word even if it is just under pressure from outside influences.    It would be nice to think that he is leading by example but not so, it appears, if his ministers are planning to go and he`s going `well I can`t stop them`.   Well, surely you can if you`re the PM?



2 thoughts on “Endless trouble between the neighbours

    • KorubettosHaiku says:

      It is definitely like kids picking at each other and then crying to their mother especially in the football situation – `But they did it first!!` That Aso guy really is a strange fish – not a great people person is he?? : P


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