Bespectacled ones – chilled out… or not


folks I have not seen so much

of on tv but

… in this film I watched last night, which is called Megane, the whole main cast but one wore them.   As a bespectacled one myself, definitely out of necessity, I came across this film last evening when looking for something else and curious as I was, I decided to watch it.   Well, it`s about learning to take life easy and slow the pace down a bit.   I almost stopped watching it a couple of times as I had a bit of a problem with it being that slow.   The end of the film even drifted up, like the tide, in line with the pace of the film (as if to say `Yeah I`m the end of the film but I`ll come along when I feel like it not when I`m expected to`).    Anyone seen it? It`s from 2007.

I felt I could identify a bit with the main character who visits the island, it`s not entirely clear why she does so, and brings a heavy suitcase with loads of books and has a hard time getting used not just to the island, where there is not much to do, but the people on the island, especially the main trio of characters (all bespectacled like her).  When she goes off to try another place,  having had enough of the older woman kneeling beside her bed when she woke up every morning, just staring at her with a smile – that would have pissed me off too – and other idiosyncracies she can`t handle!!     The second place turns out to be some kind of strange commune set-up and not in tune with its name at all (something palace) and so she decides the first lot aren`t that bad after all and goes back to them immediately.    She eventually learns to chill out and accept the place as it is.  In the end, she loses her glasses and manages to shrug it off.  Now how chilled out is that!!!!!   Wow.  The island did its work on her didn`t it!! : )   I would have been `Ah shit and I don`t have a spare pair either!!`

I`d love to visit the island where the film was set.   It really looks idyllic.  The food looked great too.  I`m not entirely sure what the point about megane was – possibly referring to the personality of people who wear glasses but as I saw the islanders wore them and were seriously chilled out while this woman was a bit tense and found it hard to relax at first.  so what was it then …hmmmm.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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