Motels and cats and kittens

Strange motel with an

ill-fitting nomiker where 

dodgy people stay

Well they`re not all dodgy actually.     Yes, I`m talking about another film I found online – The Seaside Motel.     A comedy of sorts looking at the relationships of the people staying in this motel which is far from any seaside.     All kinds of interesting characters appear whose stories intertwine.  The common thread seems to be cats and more to the point kittens as most of the women are treated as sex kittens (well, one is a call girl, who goes to the wrong room, but apart from that…).

One girl is a fan of the parade of Cats in Belgium cajoling her lazy yakuza-fleeing boyfriend into going there but he suggests Doraemon as a cheaper alternative, who is probably the most popular animated cat in Japan correct me if I`m wrong.  Anyway, this brings me onto a book about the behavior of cats which I read a review of yesterday.  Cat Sense it is called and it is by a guy who wrote a book called In Defence of Dogs a few years back.     He`s what you call an anthro-zoologist.    Now it`s the turn of cats and he takes  a look at why they are so enigmatic and also gives a bit of history as to when they started to become domestic pets (back in Egyptian times or thereabouts).   Can`t say I`m a fan of cats really.   I don`t think they can be trusted (and aren`t Persian cats the ugliest animals you`ve ever seen?).   Not a huge fan of dogs either but if I had to choose, I`d choose to buy a dog.      Anyway, if you`re in to cats, it might be an interesting read.   The Egyptian bit reminds me of a Japanese short story  (ミイラ) about a guy who takes his university acquaintance hostage (more or less) in his flat and she finds out he has a bit of a fascination with mummifying and he has  a cat in his flat which he has turned into a mummy.   Creepy story.    This book also reminds me of I am a Cat by Natsume Souseki where it is the cat, narrating the story, who tries to understand why his master and other humans around him are the way they are (which is utterly inferior to cats by the way).   Brilliant book.

I should add that in a previous post under the `What the….!!` tag, I spoke about cuddle cafes where you can cuddle cats.   Strange but somewhat understandable.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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