Back to the cat…

I am reading that

book again about the so

insightful kitten.

Yeah, for nothing else to read at the moment (I`m waiting for the next one in the series I mentioned in a previous post to be available from the library as I don`t want to buy it as good as it is)  I have returned to I am a cat.   I am enjoying once again the observations of this witty kitten.    This was only meant to be a short story which makes up the first chapter of this book but one of the editors of the journal it was to appear in persuaded the author Natsume ( in a `twisted his arm` sense I gather ) to write more chapters to turn it into a longer serial and eventually a book.    I`ve read another of Natume`s books Kokoro which is a very good one as well but I would love to read Bochan.    That might be my next online purchase in fact.    It`s unlikely I`ll find it in my local library though given that I unexpectedly found Hotel Iris you`d never know.

Elsewhere with cats, my attention has been turned to a film called Rent a Neko.  It`s from 2012 and by the same woman who directs Megane, with a couple of the same actors from that film.    The main actress in Rent a Neko is one of the actresses from Megane.  She played a school teacher in that who actually kind of annoyed me.    She seems quite likeable in this one though from what I can see in the trailer.   Alas, I can only find a trailer of this film at the moment so I will have to try harder to seek it out.     Actually Ryo Kase was in Megane (did I mention that?) and when I see the trailer of this Rent a Neko, this main actress looks very like him.  It`s uncanny especially with the expressions.   As if she was his sister, which I would have thought if I had not read her name in the description of the film (of course for acting purposes she could just have a different surname but anyway it`s just one of those things you notice when you watch a lot of films!!).  It was not as noticeable in Megane as she was wearing glasses which kind of hid her face a little and Kase in that film was more about the other girl anyway, when he was in the shot which was not all that much.  This film seems really enjoyable anyway and I`ve watched the trailer and one particular sequence from the film – the dream sequence which is funny.   It seems to explore the loneliness of people and their need for comfort in having a pet, in this case cats.   It`s not a bad idea to rent cats out as long as you don`t find some psycho who actually hates cats.   On the other hand, cats are still animate beings and not `things`so renting them is a bit dubious in that sense.  You have to be careful, again with the cat-hating psycho idea.

I have heard of another film by the same director which is set in Finland which is meant to be good also so I might check that out too sometime.

Anyone seen any of these two films?    Anyway, I`m all about cats lately aren`t I?  For someone who isn`t even that gone on them.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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