Studious ways

I think I have been 

a bit unfair to Memrise

and definitely…

…neglecting Read the Kanji (though as you will read in a while, it deserves to be neglected at times!!).   I`m still working on Memrise, creating mems and enjoying the mems certain other learners create (while wishing I could delete for good certain other users` mems!!).    A good few months ago now they took out the harvesting section between the planting and watering sections.  I think this speeds up the process somewhat but you don`t miss out as the words still go in to your short term and longterm memory – as they should do if you`re making an effort and watering your plants regularly.

I have to say I really feel more confident with vocabulary and grammar/syntax from my use of both Memrise and Read the Kanji and sometimes wonder how I ever got by in Japan the last time without much of the vocabulary and interesting expressions.  I did get by though but next time I`ll get by even better!!   I could be a lot further in my level but I only have time and patience for doing Memrise once a day, maybe twice and I don`t care too much how long it takes me.  I think I`m most of the way through actually but even if I was not it would be fine – I`m in no rush.  It`s more enjoyable to learn something without any looming deadlines.

RTK on the other hand is kind of getting on my nerves in terms of the length of each session.  I had given RTK a miss for months before I took it up again last week and so I have rediscovered it in a way.    Unfortunately, I had forgotten how long it takes to get through a level so not all re-discoveries are great!!  It takes forever to get through a level even when you`re going through the vocabulary smoothly and sometimes I have to stop half way and take it up again later on in the day or the following day as I can`t stand it.  That said, I still appreciate the vocabulary in context and the help with syntax and grammar.

I have thought of alternating between Memrise and RTK from one day to the next but I really actually like going into Memrise daily because I know it doesn`t take forever, unlike RTK, and I feel `Ok a little bit of Japanese on Memrise and I can feel like I have one productive thing done today!!` : P  Another reason for going into Memrise daily is that if you don`t, the number of plants you have to water will rise and one day after I had neglected Memrise for only 2 days, I had 400 words to water and, just like RTK, it really did take a while to get through them.    However, if you go in every day and preferably in the morning the most you will get to water is 170 or so which takes a while but is still no threat to RTK!!  By the way you can create Mems in the notes section for a word/expression in RTK as well but I do enough of that in Memrise so I don`t bother  in RTK.    I`m too busy taking in the few good points of the site and reading the notes by other users of the site.

I mentioned before but it`s been yonks since I`ve been on that, even longer than RTK, but I might check it out again soon.    I used to use Jpod101 but not so much anymore.

Anyway, as I had not talked about studying the lovely Japanese language for a while, I thought I might give an update of how things were.    Another one will come in about oooh  6 months time?  I also have been all about film lately so I thought a change of subject would not go amiss.


2 thoughts on “Studious ways

    • KorubettosHaiku says:

      Well, who knows it`s hard to say. Since you are in Japan, you`re in the best place to acquire it and probably do not realize how much is really sinking in which is a lot : ) I hope to mosey on over to Japan sometime soon and put my Japanese to the test – hope your new part-time job is going well : )


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