Ainu People facing more trouble

The Ainu people 

have their work cut out getting

what they have rights to..


… returned to them, items which are being held in possession by a few universities around Japan but mainly Hokkaido University in Sapporo (Hokudai, as it is called for short).     These items are no ordinary items.  They are skulls, bones, and other bodily components belonging to their ancestors who had tests carried out on them by researchers from said university/universities.     It`s shocking stuff to read really – these researchers would go along to traditional Ainu villages and carry out tests on the villagers like measuring their skulls, their heights, taking blood samples etc.

Meanwhile, the current leader of the country that allows these universities to do this has come under the spotlight for his August 15th speech for the 68th anniversary of Japan`s surrender in World War II.     Leaving out any vow to avoid future wars which are usually included in this speech is just one major faux-pas.   He did not go to Yasukuni as promised but he did send a proxy who went in his name.  Hmmm.   Is he trying to cause outrage???






Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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