Likes are always good

Liking is always

good, as is following, and

don`t be shy about


keeping it up : )   I hope people enjoy my blog.  I forgot to mention that I got notified of 100 likes on my HaikuViewofJapan the other day.   Yippee.  Thanks to those who have dropped by, liked any posts or the whole blog and commented of course, so far.    Feel free to drop me a haiku or any other kind of comments on what takes your interest in the blog.

The film I`m planning to watch tonight is  Outrage by Beat Takeshi.    I found it in the library.   I like these unexpected finds I must say.   A rather different one to the quaint ones I`ve been watching lately to state the obvious.  Oh wait, I`ve watched The Seaside Motel and Ichi and they`re not exactly quaint unlike Megane which I posted about or Rent a Neko which I was talking about but still haven`t watched (I realised also that Rent a Neko has a very アメリー* sound to it in that she`s on her own and then her life gets turned upside down by a guy, but anyway).


* Can you believe that film which is quainter than quaint was 10 years old last year?  Time flies so fast where films are concerned.   I don`t like it as much as I used to but I still have it.    デラかテッセン is another funny one by the same director, and a little bit dark in tone, which I also have (yes that`s right, I don`t just watch and enjoy Japanese films though they do take precedence)



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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