Nothing `beats` the real, if a little too gory, deal

So outrage was quite 

the title for this film, which

was clever but … true?


Well, I have no idea what the mob gets up to over in Japan, and I sincerely doubt I will ever have to find out hehe,  but the level of violence in this is totally different – outrageous if that was the point of the title – to what I`ve seen in mobster films so far.   Wow.    The dentist is terrifying enough without seeing  (or hearing, more like, because I had to look away) what happens to one guy in this.     He looked like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs afterwards.

All the shooting is done close up as well.    You wonder is that gratuitous violence really necessary in these films.  Is that what they really do to each other?    I suppose they do to instill fear and respect among the ranks but wow.    And the way they change allegiances so quickly or are duped so easily into believing such and such a person has betrayed them.   The character Mizuno is truly evil with his dead eyes.   Ryõ Kase plays the bad guy surprisingly well with a dodgy choice of glasses (which you definitely would not have seen in Megane on the other characters or on him, if he had worn glasses in that which he didn`t) and overly slicked hair – another psycho in the ranks.     But they`re all nutcases really.   The cop who mooches off them is one of the worst.   If it is really that true to life, they`re probably too busy I imagine to go reading the new journal for mobsters that I mentioned recently.     I imagine there is a lot of truth to it as Takeshi Kitano, or Beat Takeshi as he is more commonly known, is not one to romanticize anything.

Anyway, next week Outrage Beyond if I can find it …. or I might go back to quaint for a while.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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