Another family friendly family-themed Ozu gem

What it`s like to lose

a daughter to marriage, yet

another sweet tale

from Mr  Yasujirõ Ozu.   The director of Tokyo Story and Good Morning and lots more.    Featuring some of the same actors from Tokyo Story with the father there also the father here.   In the Autumn of his life I expect from the title of the film.  As his friend`s wife points out, he`s a good father as well and so he is.  He does not rush his daughter into marriage and accepts her wish to go for someone she likes whether it ends up that she marries this guy or not.  Another friend of his is pressing him into getting his daughter to agree to a marriage match because if he doesn`t she`ll end up an `old maid` like the daughter of another man they know who ends up as lonely as his `old maid` daughter (the annoying daughter from Tokyo Story) and the old man himself will end up like this man they know.

Despite the similar theme to Tokyo Story, members of your family moving on from you whether you want them to or not, it didn`t seem boring to watch at all.  Another sweet one from Mr Ozu.

It also brings up the pressure on women to get married lest they end up as old maids which was pretty much the same thing around the world and still is in some countries.  They are also seen to give up their jobs as soon as they get married which unfortunately is still common in modern Japan, if not other countries.

I think this film is set in Sapporo as well which is nice for this Hokkaido fan : )

It was also Ozu`s last film as he died the year after.  The film was shown this year at Cannes as part of the Classics collection.  Class : )


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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