Family, love and marriage

Family ties are

explored again in these three

interesting works.

Well, when I said I would take a break from Japanese films, I meant just for a couple of nights.    So the weekend was non-Japanese (the Woody Allen film was enjoyable enough and the Lasse Halstrom was pretty good, set in Sweden in 1959, and I remembered I did see two of his films before after all and that I had had totally mistaken him for someone else!!) and I returned to a Japanese film last night.

Older Brother Younger Sister from the 1950s was the one.  Not a bad film.  Based on a novel.  The actress who plays the character Mon is one half of the newly married couple  in Rashamon, who are accosted by the culprit.   Not bad and mercifully not too long either, unlike Twenty Four eyes which went on for two and a half hours.    Wanting to marry someone you love rather than who your parents expect you to marry is one theme, then village gossip about single women who enjoy life and are dumped once they get pregnant (but the guy who made Mon pregnant turns out to be a fairly decent sort) and then the opinion of various family members towards this woman, especially the older brother.  The other younger sister had her head screwed on tight not wanting a man who could not stand up to his parents and declare that he wanted to be with her.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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