Update on Memrise site problem

Well Memrise has been resurrected, for me anyway.   I googled around a bit earlier on and came across a site called isitstilldown and other people have been having the same problem with the same website showing up, even up to 37 minutes ago (when I did a check at that isitstill down site, just before I tried to log in just in the last few minutes – successfully as it happens).

So if anyone who remarked on that site is reading this*, well it`s working and let`s hope it stays that way.  I am still confused as to why it would tell people that the domain name had expired when it doesn`t seem to have done so which is what caused my panic.  I probably sounded a liitle bit harsh but Memrise still has problems.   The owners of Memrise do make irritating changes and don`t do enough to stop certain memmers making certain kind of mems.  In addition, some of the vocabulary is not always defined correctly.  But overall memrise is a very good site and I hope it stays alive haha for the indefinite future.

* I don`t really fancy using my f/b account to log in and comment on the site.  How silly is it that you have to use your f/b account to do that?   Why can`t you just comment?    Anyway, people will find out eventually, either through this post, some other internet source or by themselves.







Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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