An enjoyable musical discovery

Music to relax

by but which also makes your

heart flutter is good

Well I`ve come across the music of a Japanese classical composer called Toshio Hosokawa.  He`s been around for a long while but I only heard about him when I read a review of one of his albums this week in a cultural review.  Better late than never.    This guy`s music is amazing!!   Quite good music to listen to when you`re annoyed at failing websites (take a hint Memrise) among other reasons.    I sought out his music on y-tube and am sure to return to listen to more.

Another cultural discovery this week was Shunga – had never heard of it before – and news of a Shunga exhibition coming up in London.    Not for kids (or the fainthearted I imagine).

Memrise has been here and there in the last two days.   Luckily the domain name had been on hold for these folks who run the site, but it`s a pain that the site went down while the organizers decided if they wanted to keep the name or not (if that`s what it was about).  At least our efforts were not undone.  I suggest the name be retained at this stage.  It`s what the site is about – memorizing information through the help of mems.     Messing with the basics when you could be working on other more urgent problems with the site is a mistake.


2 thoughts on “An enjoyable musical discovery

  1. Shunga! Haha My husband and I looked into that awhile ago, and it’s interesting that a lot of the shunga portray homosexual and a bit pedophiliac imagery although those are both mega taboo now. I looked up Toshio Hosokawa, and it reminds me kabuki! haha I don’t think I’m cultured enough to appreciate either of those things well!


    • KorubettosHaiku says:

      Yep, that shunga is a funny one alright – a bit much for me. Actually the magazine I read it in – the usual sunday supplement kind of magazine – had the more intimate parts covered by a bit of paper with a more modest painting on it – not just for modesty but I suppose not to spoil the `ahem` surprise for people who go see it!! : P There was a mention of lesbians in it no mention of pedophilia but I would not be surprised if there had been. It is said that ancient samurai were allegedly a bit like the ancient greeks that way with their thing for young boys (even though pedophilia did not have the same connotations back then as it does now and genuinely meant `love of children` it`s just not right) and even a bit of man-on-man action.
      As for TH, I think it`s nice music. The videos on y-tube did show kabuki like movements as an accompaniment to the music so you`re right there. I`ve never been (to kabuki) but I`m happy to listen to this kind of music once in a while (even if I don`t always know what it is about).


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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