2020 …. party on??

Tokyo or not 

Tokyo that is the (big)

question (today)

Well, today is the day that Tokyo, Madrid or Istanbul find out who will get to host the 2020 Olympics.    All three cities have issues to deal with in the next seven years but will attempt to stake their claim up to the last possible minute pre-decision.

Seven years is plenty of time to make whatever improvements are necessary at ground level but of course there are societal questions relating to freedom of speech (and freedom full stop) that are a lot more important.    Istanbul has been in the news for the wrong reasons recently in this respect but on the other hand the current governor of Tokyo is the perfect example of someone who should actually keep his mouth shut once in a while, and not exercise his freedom of speech.

His comments in relation to the campaign for 2020 are an example.  He has already antagonized people from Fukushima by saying `Oh don`t worry about radiation, we`re too far away from Fukushima for that ` thereby being flippant about the serious radiation issue, upsetting people all over Japan who have had to deal with this first-hand.   He`s also criticizing the media for mentioning Fukushima (as if it would have been ignored by the IOC) `too much`.  This same person is known for his zenophobia so they might want to make sure he`s out of the way by then.  You can`t have someone like that representing Tokyo as Mayor during such an event.

Oh I hear they`re trying to get baseball in as an olympic sport.   It looks exciting but I hope they don`t bring it in at the expense of some other cool sport.   I wonder who suggested that.  The Americans?  Any excuse to get even more medals and remain at the top of the medal table!! haha we all know baseball is big there.  Or it could be Japan of course pushing for it, another baseball-mad country.    They`re also trying to bring back wrestling.  I thought they had wrestling in last summer`s olympics but apparently not (or maybe it`s another type of wrestling).    I heard talk during last year`s olympics of them bringing in golf.  I sincerely hope not.     There are quite a few boring sports (or `sports`) in there already why add another one?


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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