Tokyo it is then

So good news Japan,

or not we`ll see, but please do

put some things right first

So Tokyo got the games for 2020.    It was between Tokyo and Istanbul in the end as Madrid lost out slightly earlier in the evening (probably best for them really – Spain is in a bad way economically).    I know where I`d prefer to go if I was any way inclined to actually attend the Olympics which I wouldn`t be really.   Who knows I might be in Tokyo by that time anyway.

Baseball/softball and squash both lost out to weightlifting which has been given a reprieve.  It may have been removed as a sport for some good reason – well, I wonder what that would be hmmmm – but has now being returned to the list of sports to enthrall us (or not) every four years.    I really think they could have brought in baseball.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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