This ain`t a food blog and just as well …

Whoopee!! Is that a

new restaurant I see? Yes –

and it`s Japanese!!

So a Japanese restaurant has opened in my little city.   About time.   I went in recently while I was passing through and doing some Christmas shopping and had a few side dishes.  Funny that I mark my first meal in my first visit to the first Japanese eatery in my city with firstly a typical Chinese side dish (gyouza – delicious) and then a dish that is just as much Chinese as Japanese (deep fried tofu with I can`t remember what sauce – just as well this is not a food blog, it wouldn`t be very good.  I have no photos either!! It`s probably this sauce that makes the tofu dish more Japanese as well).   Typical that it would open after I have moved somewhere else, but well I`m not too far away.   I`ll have to ask them next time if they have a separate lunch menu   As I do intend to go again.   Until a competitor opens for business which will probably be another oh who knows how many years.   I wasn`t all that fond of their prices, nor was I impressed with the lack of free green tea, given as courtesy in any self-respecting Japanese restaurant surely, but what I ordered was lovely, the service was good enough (apart from no courtesy tea) and the place filled up pretty quickly.   It badly needs a few more seats for individual diners though and it would be nice if they sold Japanese beer for take-away.   Anyways, good to have a Japanese restaurant in the city at last.

Speaking of other dishes, in film news, it seems that Keanu Reeves` 47 Ronin is not expected to do well.  It has already tanked in Japan.  Can`t believe this `project` of the gorgeous Reeves cost as much as 225 million to make.  `Personal project` makes it sound quaint but 225 million dollars is not a very quaint sum.    B Pitt`s personal project was World War Z and it did very well.  Probably cost as much too.    I suppose the ronin story has been done to death – though this one has an added mythical/fantasy element.  I`m not overly interested but if I was it would be more for the added mythical aspect and the Japanese actors starring in it – Tadanobu Asano, Hiroyuki Sanada and Rinko Kikuchi (who I`ve only seen in a couple of films so far).  And you have of course Keanu in a kimono.  Keanu in a Kimono.  That has a nice ring to it does it not.  Maybe they should try using that as a marketing slogan – it should attract a lot of people to it who might otherwise have no interest!!   Poor guy has had the piss taken out of him too much I think.  Sure, he`s not much of an actor but I guess he knows it. Still, he`s got star quality and charisma, is still gorgeous, is said to be really personable.   He`s always been more private and isn`t in the tabloids that much.  He`s also never really gone out with anyone that famous.  I`ve only seen him interviewed once or twice.   At least he doesn`t moan about wanting to be taken seriously as an actor – he doesn`t seem to give a toss.   He made a documentary earlier this year about how directors feel about the move into digital film-making.   That should be interesting but I wonder whether he interviewed less well-known film makers who have smaller budgets to deal with.

His  47 ronin co-star Hiroyuki Sanada will soon be in another film with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman.   I read a review of the film today.  It`s based on a true story of a guy who makes peace with his World War II torturer (in a Japanese POW camp in Kanchanaburi, Thailand).   I was a few sentences into the review article and I had a hunch he would be playing the Japanese torturer – at a later stage  when they meet up as older men – and sure enough his name was mentioned later on in the article.   Then I decided to look at the trailer online.  As it`s a true story, the article explains how the meeting panned out and the trailer pretty much gives you the whole film – you need not even go to see it!!   I would though.  I`ve been to Kanchanaburi and to the war memorial museum that is featured in this film.  The one-time torturer worked there later on in life.  To think this man could have been working away in the museum while I was there.  He only died in 2011. I still have a photo of the dentist chair (I also think of the guy in Outrage who is attacked while at the dentist – as if dentist chairs were not off-putting enough).  The story line alone is interesting and the fact I`ve been to the museum gives it an added something for me (of course the railway bridge is not the original but you get over that). Lastly, Colin Firth and Hiroyuki Sanada are also in it – bonus – and the latter is more natural looking than I thought.  I had previously mentioned that he looked a bit stretched in a photo shoot for 47 Ronin as if he had turned to the botox or plastic surgery but he`s pretty natural looking in this and still very good looking.  Incidentally a few famous actors are turning 50 this year – B Pitt, J Depp and, in a couple of years Keanu Reeves unless he is also about to turn 50 I don’t know – but Sanada-san has already turned 50 I`m sure, and he`s just as good looking as any of these guys.  It`s actually J Depp who looks a bit artificial to me these days.

Well, I hope my, ahem, foodie post was to someone`s taste.  I don`t usually use the word `dish` for men but yeah this being a food blog and all…. heheh.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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