Oh dear don`t go there Japan

Well hello there gas

yes we`ll take more even if

it rankles world-wide


The blue font here represents the cold reaction Japan may face in turning a blind eye to Russia`s dubious political procedures regarding Crimea.  And turning a blind eye for the sake of a gas deal.  I suppose it depends on how seriously Japan  takes the sanctions that the US and the EU have imposed on Russia, mostly travel restrictions which is not really a huge thing (so not that seriously) and how they see getting on with neighbours through good politics (ahem).    Talk about keeping in with the (huge, powerful) neighbours!!   True, Russia`s state energy company helped Japan out a lot post March-11 by supplying extra gas (for free I think) but even so I don`t think this gives Japan the right to turn a blind eye to dubious politics next door.   Especially when it might need help (from a huge powerful friend)  in the future with any resulting trouble with a certain other (huge, powerful) neighbour.

Update: changed blue text font mentioned above to pink after changing blog theme.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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