Fargo and Rinko – dontche know!!

From Fargo – a great

film – a sad urban legend

has indeed transpired ..


… which is the topic of a new film Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter.   An urban legend exists that a Japanese woman believing the Fargo story to be true, and fed up with her own dull life, went  to the US to search for the treasure and died all alone in the freezing woods of Minnesota.    Rinko Kikuchi plays the lead character.  I can imagine her in that role given her character in Norwegian Wood (By the way, when I said in a previous post about the pickings for the characters in Silence being predictable I did not mean that in a demeaning way just that they could branch out a little – still hope Ryo Kaze goes for and gets a role).  Sounds like a good film which is getting its debut at the moment at Sundance London (did not know there was a London branch of Sundance but there is – you learn something new every day!!).   Fargo is such a great film and it has now been made into a tv series about to start this week.  If I had a tv I would watch it but maybe I can catch it online.  To add another cool element to this urban legend film, the theme song at the end of the film is from a 1970s French band Yamasuki Singers, put together by the father of one of the guys from Daft Punk!!   Well, unfortunately, Kumiko did not `get lucky` in most parts of her life and obviously not in this treasure hunt and probably should have done her `homework` on Fargo.







Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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