Abe gettin` some ai-in` – not that sort folks.

Abe is getting 

much 愛* from his Latin

American friends.


* For readers who don`t actually read Japanese yet, 愛 is あい which is love.

Well, this is not fresh news but Shinzo Abe is really schmoozing his way around the world isn`t he?  Especially around Latin America.   More recently, he`s been in Brazil getting in with the Brazilian president.    I hope he doesn`t upset her over anything.  Her unimpressed face is pretty stony and would put the impassive looking Japanese PM in the shade (though he is smiling a lot lately or is it smirking? I`ll get to that in a second).   I caught this stony look on her face during the World Cup (well just as it was almost over bar the handing over of the trophy – at that exact point actually but you can understand her stony look towards the captain of the German team – `Yes! here take it and go!`).   I`m sure Abe can throw pretty stony looks himself if he wants.  Anyway, seeing as Brazil is home to the largest population of ethic Japanese outside Japan, then you wonder why he did not head there first.    Other than that, he`s been securing allies all over the place (hence all the smiling or let`s just call it smirking).   I don`t really care what islands Japan own or don`t own (they have, like another country I`ve been to, Sweden, an almost infinite number of islands!!) but just out of a sense of `fight the bullies` I do hope they secure the islands they`re fighting over with both China and Russia (I take it the gas deal with the latter is off).  I know Taiwan have reached an agreement with Japan regarding fishing rights for their fishing boats around the Senkaku islands but are happy to stay out of the greater dispute as they also have a claim to the islands.   They have bigger problems to deal with at the moment I imagine, such as the victims of the recent plane crash.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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