I was born but… and Tokyo Chorus

Two lovely Uzos

from the 1930s give

dads and sons a `voice`


I finally made it to the end of that film I was born but… (1932),  a truly excellent silent film with a real lovely scene between the father and his sons towards the end as they`re eating rice balls which the boys at first stubbornly decline.

I then watched another silent film Tokyo Chorus from 1931 and also by Yasujiro Ozu.  One of the boys in `I was born but…` also appears in this.    It`s about a father who loses his job for standing up for a colleague who has been unfairly dismissed.    The father then has to resort to firstly selling his wife`s kimonos to make money to pay his ill daughter`s hospital fees (which the wife begrudgingly accepts when she finds out after the daughter is back home and well), and later he takes a demeaning job which does not impress his wife.   The version I watched had no accompanying soundtrack but others do.    It is really interesting to watch a film without any sound at all but the music does add a bit extra to any film (as a soundtrack fan, I am bound to say that of course).

Though both films run on a similar theme, the father of the family doing what he has to do for his family (one sucking up to the boss when he does not like doing so thereby losing the respect of his sons and the other taking a demeaning job even with the promise of a better one later and also having to sell his wife`s kimono to earn the hospital fees when their child is ill), the lack of music, though I could have chosen one with music, really makes a difference to the mood of the film.






Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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