Another classic

to talk about from the film 

world how great is that

Kagemusha (1980, Akira Kurosawa) is a tale of a man who has to impersonate a Lord though he is only a petty criminal.  The Lord`s brother finds him by accident and recommends him to the Lord, as his brother can only impersonate him to a certain extent.  Then the Lord dies from battle wounds and the impersonator and the Lord`s brother and his inner circle have to let on for three years that this man is the real thing.  While his enemies have their doubts, they cannot prove it.    Great story really.   Interesting but not unusual that the child in the film proves to be perceptive but luckily for everyone involved he is convinced he is wrong.    The lead actor who plays the impersonator and the Lord he is impersonating is also the Lord and father of the three sons in Ran, another Akira Kurosawa classic.   I really liked Kagemusha for the fact it had some humor in it.  But Ran is of course great as well.   I found this gem in another library I am member of, which is a surprise (What would be a better surprise would be if the staff decided to smile a bit or were somewhat friendly).   Has anyone heard of having to pay a membership fee for a city or town library?  I don`t think I have ever had to pay a library fee until I joined this one.  Anyway, it is a small thing to put up with when you find good films like this.

Carrying on from the Oshima film I watched a few days ago, I plan to watch another of his from 1999, Gohatto, if I can find it somewhere.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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