50,000 deaths – masaka!!

Fifty thousand deaths

this man endured … over a

long career in film


Oh yes, there`s another expression I should add to my Great Expressions page – masaka!! No way!!  Anyhow, congratulations to 71-year old Seizo Fukamoto,  dying since the 1960s in kirareyaku roles i.e. samurai roles where the person has to die a horrific death.    Maybe not just samurai just roles where he has to die horrendously.  A film has finally been made with him as lead actor to honour this fact and he won a prize for it (and the film itself won best film) at a film festival in Canada just recently.    The film is called Uzumasa Limelight and is about an actor who has to take on a student to take over in that kind of role (kirareyaku) from him eventually.

He was Silent Samurai in The Last Samurai back in 2003 (he gets shot in that saving that tool T.C) but also plays yakuza roles and other roles.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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