Gohatto – love and lust among Samurai

There was a young man 

who appealed to so many

but the one he sought

did not fancy him or guys at all!!   Wow, isn`t being fancied by everyone but the one you want such a hard cross to bear?? 😀

Well, as I said I would, I have watched Gohatto (1999, Oshima) and it is an eye-opener of a film and recommended for those who are interested in seeing a different side to samurai.    The young samurai, Kano, is the object of much lust from other samurai, including one, Tashiro, played by Tadanobu Asano (is there any kind of role he hasn`t played?) who is his introduction to samurai lovin` and his (self-proclaimed) main squeeze in this.   It seems samurai would do anything to keep their man!!

Beat Takeshi is in this as well as one of the senior men in the militia training school where all this action takes place.    Of course, in Zatoichi, it is insinuated by Takeshi that many samurai `leaned that way` as the favored expression goes in Gohatto.

There`s a bit of a twist which I may have spoiled in my opening haiku (sorry about that) which almost sounds like a Limerick from the first line, only for the lack of two words (don`t worry only one poetry form in this blog folks though Limericks could be fun*)  so you`ll just have to watch it and see.  I must say the men in charge were quite laid back about it but I suppose they understood that that would happen among a large group of men together all the time and pointing swords at each other on a daily basis (and at night too it seems chuckle chuckle).  Of course, the top boss fancied Kano himself so …


* Ah hell, I`ll give it a lash. To be a Limerick, there has to be another two words (at least) to the first line which has to rhyme with the 2nd and 5th line while the 3rd and 4th lines also rhyme with each other.


There was a young man in Kyoto

whose surname men knew to be Kano

This hot guy he sought

gave it not a thought

And actually gays made him say no!!



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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