Railway talk and then some more Kore-Eda

The Railway Man I

found disappointing to watch

but not to read … phew!!


It would be a shame if both forms had disappointed.  So I finally decided to try and see The Railway Man through itunes after reading the book, instead of trying to rent or buy it elsewhere.  I rented it from itunes and I`m glad I did that rather than buy it as, apart from it being much cheaper, it really is nowhere near as good as the book and goes way too fast (though the bit at the start really drags on a bit – I suppose they have to pad out him meeting his wife  played by NK who can`t possibly have too small a role in it, being who she is and the fact I suppose his wife added the only real light to his life apart from trains on which his fixation had been spoiled you could say) but no I wouldn`t recommend that film unless you`re like me and enjoyed the book so much you were curious as to how it panned out with major film actors (ones you like at least).  If you, like me, missed the chance to see it in cinema, it`s probably available in dvd stores by now or in your local library but as for buying it hmmmm no.  There is an earlier film, maybe from the 1980s, which might be more of a documentary type film and if I ever come across that I`ll watch it.  I`ve heard it is a lot better.

Anyway, on to better things and back to contemporary Japan with Hirokazu Kore-Eda.   I`ve two films lined up to watch from him, I Wish and Like Father Like Son.    I`ve read a bit about those films and have been keen to see them so looking forward to coming back into this century again film-wise.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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