whatever they are called have

have gained much dominance


Apparently business emails are full of emojis these days.  And amazingly, Moby Dick has been translated into emoji!!  10,000 words.  Wow.   How do you translate the name Ishmael in to emoji though?    I read this in the guardian online.  Sometimes their journalists  jump the gun and get excited.

What I find annoying is when people type out a string of punctuation marks meant to resemble some kind of facial expression only they do not.  So not quite emoji.  I`ll have to find an example somewhere to demonstrate.   I am left thinking  一体!!   Most emoji are cute but if I got a text message or a message on fb such as the type I just mentioned, I`d have to ask the other person if they spoke (wrote) English!!   Or I might beseech them to at least use  emoji!!

No surprise that emoji kicked off in Japan (though in the English speaking world they are mostly called emoticons), a country that already uses kanji (along with kana of course), among schoolgirls.  Hence some of the cuteness attached to the faces.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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