The living competing with the dead

A living son with

a widow and stepson falls

flat in parents` eyes


I also downloaded Still Walking at the same time as Jiro Dreams of Sushi.    I almost wish Kore-Eda would lay low for a while as I am afraid I will get sick of him!!   But then if he did I`d probably be willing him to return.

This one I didn`t really think as much of.   Again, we see the idea of bloodlines being so important in Japan.  The old mother does not seem to think that being a stepfather is the same as being a father.   Both parents think that this son, the stepfather and the second son in the family, made a mistake in marrying a widow (with a young son).   The son is made to feel like he will never measure up in any way to the eldest son (who died many years before saving a young boy and according to the old parents it was a waste of a life – their own son losing his in place of this person, now 25 years old, who they see as a waste of space!!) especially in his choice of career but happily, he is content with his own family and his struggling career.  It`s got echoes of Tokyo Story though, about parents` expectations not being met and children moving on so I should like it more but not necessarily.

Kore-Eda clearly has his gang of regular actors.   Actors/Actresses from I Wish, Like Father like Son, Nobody Knows and Afterlife (Wonderful Life in Japanese) all appear in this film.

I`ve updated my film list again with the recent films I`ve watched.  It`s worth a look.





Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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