Snow Falling on Cedars – novel

A film being faithful

to the original tale

means a lot to most


Especially the author understandably but also to the reader/audience.  Well, I took Snow Falling on Cedars out of the library a week ago and only finished it today.   Glad I took time reading it, though it was really good, as sometimes I rush through books and then regret it.  It`s not a bad thing cos if a book keeps you hooked then the author has done the bulk of their work but some books are meant to be read at a slow pace no matter how good they are.    I think now having watched the film first and then read the book that the film was very faithful to the book though the author I think had a couple of complaints about it in the dvd (for the film) extras.  Even though he was executive producer on the film was he not? Anyway,  I only see this in a few small ways which did not take away from the novel.

I read an article a while back about giving up on books that don`t grab you and at what specific page you can put the book down and decide not to read anymore.  To calculate,  you take your age away from 100 and that`s the page you can give up at.    Of course this was one of those silly articles that appear in this otherwise generally respectable paper.   You can give up on a book at whatever page you like.   I took out a book of short stories lately supposedly celebrating contemporary Chinese writers who were supposedly breaking free of censorship.  Yeah right.  I gave up after the second story as I was so bored I couldn`t stand to even read any more.   The writers were clearly too used to being censored and were not writing anything particularly interesting or gripping.  I didn`t even start another book I took out of the library as after a second read at home of the blurb at the back and inside of the book I didn`t even bother to start reading it as it was, I felt, too similar to other books I had read from the same part of the world and from the same type of writer (those who mix history and magic realism).  I had heard of the writer and that was the only book of his in the library so I thought I`d try it.




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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