Mount Ontake meets nuclear discussion meets petrolheads

Volcanic mountain

spews forth killing many but

reactors press on


I`d like to express my condolences to the families of the victims of the Mount Ontake eruption.    It must have been horrific to experience, especially for children.  It seems the poisonous gases and the ash from the volcanic eruption are hampering efforts to look for any more bodies.    I hope they can renew their efforts very soon as there are many waiting for confirmation of the fate of their friends and /or family members.

I don`t see the point of criticizing the victims as I see people have (for climbing the mountain and /or bringing children to climb it) as what use is that?   People have been climbing it for years.  What I find ridiculous, but sadly not surprising, is that the government are still going ahead with their plan to restart two nuclear reactors near the area.    Do they not get it?  Clearly not.    `Oh yeah a volcano erupted so what, on with the nuclear reactor restart!` I don`t see much chance of the government ever losing over the reactors issue but if people keep on protesting against them, who knows.

I was seriously thinking of climbing Mount Fuji during my time in Japan but thought better of it.  I just felt I`d prefer to see it from afar and admire it that way than trying to climb it. And I think I will stick to my guns on that if I return.   As in not climb it. Best leave it to the `experts` like regular climbers, Japanese grannies and so on.   I sincerely hope it does not ever erupt as it is apparently due an eruption after thousands of years of inactivity.     I guess part of the mystique around such a perfect, serene-looking mountain is whether it will erupt.

One thing I just thought to add, as we`re on the subject of governments making ridiculous decisions is that the EU Commission has in mind to appoint a Spanish oil baron as the new Energy and Climate commissioner.  He is on the shortlist of applicants who are being seriously considered within the next 24 hours.  I mean how stupid is that??!!   Protests will hopefully help MPs concerned about this to prevent this appointment as it is just too ridiculous to consider.   As a European citizen, I have signed an online petition hoping to help but it should rankle with anyone concerned with the environment and climate change.    That`s even more ridiculous than giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU as happened  … was it last year??   DUH!!!  Even more ridiculous as it affects people beyond Europe, in real life.  Who gets the Nobel Peace Prize is not that important as that prize is just a joke these days.

The climate issue is never a joke


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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