Saké flavoured chocolate yes please

Saké oh saké

I did not know you appeared

in chocolate form


Well l am in Belgium at the moment, home of great chocolate and great beer (and heavy metal fans and 80s music fans if the radio shows are anything to go by).   I`ve been here a couple of weeks now and only went into a chocolate shop yesterday (too much choice and overpriced chocolate rendering my ability to make a decision impossible – strange for a sweet tooth like me but I don`t like to be ripped off either).  What lured me towards this one shop was that I read a tip about it selling saké flavoured chocolate – I`ll give you a bit of a clue where it can be found later.  So I was sold even before I was sold the chocolate.   €3.90 for 3 very small pieces of chocolate means I haven`t actually touched the chocolate yet!!   I`ll obviously have to bite (or nibble) into one of them soon so I can tell ye about it – that is anyone who hasn`t experienced saké flavoured chocolate.    Maybe they can be found everywhere in Japan I don`t know but it`s definitely an unusual treat in Europe I would think. I hope they do really taste like saké and that it is not just a gimmick for gullible Japanophiles like me.   This city is very much a touristy city I think and it can be seen in about one day.  As I said though, I was intrigued.



Isn`t it cute?  Well the clue I will give to which city I bought it in is:

A film by an Irish director starring a couple of Irish actors who have had Hollywood experience features this city and its name appears in the title.  One of the characters  says of this city:  “If I was raised on a farm and was a bit of a retard I`d be impressed with (name of city) but I wasn`t so I`m not”.  Now now.   The other actor`s character who does like the city ends up dead at the bottom of its main attraction.  Brilliant film by the way.  Apparently, locals get annoyed by tourists who ask if the tower was built especially for the film.    I would get annoyed too at such a stupid question.

Of course you still have to find the actual shop.  It`s in one of the smaller squares in the city (place in French, plein in Dutch which actually means full in French).



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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