Haiku on my travels

Haiku is sought by

everyone everywhere and

Bashõ`s over all

Happy New Year all hope you had a good festive season whatever your beliefs

I happened to be in Lille, France before Christmas – enjoying the Christmas market, admiring the beautiful architecture and exploring the cobbled streets – and when I go anywhere I always browse in bookshops.  I came by a nice little selection of haiku books in one shop and thought I might take a pic.


As you can see, they are fond of Bashõ.

Belgium must be a graphic novel fan`s idea of heaven (and it`s not just Tin Tin* don`t worry).  Any graphic novel /comic book fans, including Japanese manga, should head there.   Every city has a comic book store somewhere and Brussels has countless comic book/graphic novel stores.  Not in to them myself exactly but I browsed in them anyway just out of curiosity as to whether I might find something and in fact I did so I must go back for it.

[* Speaking of Tin Tin, boy scouts and girl guides can often be seen.  I ran into a huge group of them exploring the citadel in Namur.  It was like a mobile Tin Tin convention.  Obviously they are some bit inspired by this fictional intrepid young explorer and his dog]

While in Belgium, I met a girl from Hokkaido and as I never meet people from Hokkaido abroad it was so cool to meet her.   I`m sure they travel I just never meet any.  And I like to let Hokkaido people how much I love Hokkaido.

By the way that saké chocolate from Bruges did not taste much like saké.  Not at all really. Poor little gullible tourist me.  Ah well the chocolate itself was decent – just not saké decent.  I think I`ll stick to regular flavours in future.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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