Words and pictures and their power

Memrise I`m catching

up with you after my break

from memorising


Wow those words really build up in Memrise while you`re not active on it.     I took a while out as I was too busy for any memrising.   I had a ridiculous amount of words then awaiting me when I returned.    I think they should find a way to stall the build up of words if they see that a person is not active for some reason.   A person will collect a certain amount of points on each review visit or learning visit to Memrise so surely it should be clear in some way that they are not on it for good reason. Another complaint I have about Memrise is that my mems have sometimes been wiped and curiously another person might have put in a mem almost exactly a copy of mine.

Well, from words to pictures.  I know there was a visitor from France on my blog lately (thanks for visiting) and as I said in my last post I was in lovely Lille before Christmas, so I`d like to say to you and any other French visitors, and especially Parisians, how I feel for you and what has been happening over the last two weeks.   It must have been a shock but I`m glad to see people declare they are not frightened.

While the CH debate is mostly about freedom of the press, freedom of speech is an obviously related debate.    In Japan,  hate speech and incitement to hatred is still not outlawed.  So Shinzo Abe should have a little think about the rightwingers congregating in the Korean quarter of Tokyo, for example, to abuse people who have been in Japan for decades if not centuries. Ironically, most of them may be descendants of people brought to Japan as forced labour, or who are probably more Japanese than the Japanese themselves (and if not then judging by who is attacking them they`re probably thankful they`re not).

**  Let me stress that this is a very small percentage of the population (and let`s hope this ridiculous group does not gain more followers) and the majority of Japanese are peace-loving people **

This is what I thought of when I heard of the growing amount of people who are saying `Je ne suis pas Charlie`.  There is, or should be a limit to free expression when people, Koreans among others, and their livelihoods are threatened like this on a regular basis, just because of their race.   People who threaten free speech and freedom in general and people who likewise abuse their right to free speech to threaten others are the same idiots if you ask me.   So I would say I am in between Je suis and Je ne suis pas ….

Vive la Liberté


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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