Attack on WordPress true?

This is not necessarily anything to do with Japan but a WordPress issue in general.   I saw a shocking report in the news (well ok one newspaper report so far) just half an hour ago about the website of the national organization that helps rape victims in my country being hacked by アイシス.   I don`t know why I am writing that in Japanese script as they probably have someone by now who knows Japanese but I just don`t want to tarnish my site with their name as everyone recognizes it.  I imagine that it is quite upsetting for people logging on to that website as this crowd are obviously not fans of women, (among other groups) and most rape victims are let`s face it women (not forgetting that some are men of course but most are women).

Any organisation that is a support to women is not a friend of アイシス.  Apparently, it is WordPress sites they hacked and this site uses WordPress as their website /content management system.   I am glad to hear they regained control of their website.   It is not the only website that was hacked by this lot.   I imagine they hacked sites supporting homosexuality as well and so on.

Of course everyone has been declared an enemy of アイシス by now including Japan who have pledged revenge over Kenji Goto.


Well, アイシス you may be everywhere as you say but thankfully people who will be glad to see the end of you – and the sooner the better – are everywhere too.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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