Earthquake/tsunami danger

Spared from a harmful

earthquake and tsunami they

can breathe easily. 

  Sorry to hear of an earthquake which has hit Taiwan and the southernmost islands of Japan just yesterday.   Sadly, one man died and another person was injured in Taiwan by a fire caused by this earthquake.     Thank god no more injuries or deaths occurred and that no tsunami followed it.   For now.  Hopefully never (though hoping for that is pointless I guess for countries in the ring of fire region).  The last thing either Taiwan or any part of Japan needs is a tsunami (a second one in as many years in Japan`s case). I have been watching some on-line films lately from Japan – silly predictable films really – but it`s been a while since I`ve watched anything Japanese other than the films I already own.   I am a bit fussy though so if after a few minutes the film seems like it`s going nowhere I look for another one.  I`m also doing well on Memrise.  Not letting the amount of words overtake me as they did before Xmas.    And I`m hitting the last few chapters of that awful Japanese textbook I have pretty hard as well.  Making up for lost time.   After this, I`ll need a holiday – maybe Japan?   Wouldn`t I love it!! Speaking of films, I hear Ken Watanabe has been starring in a musical of The King and I.   Apparently, his English and his accent have been harshly criticized.   Well, it must be hard to do that live on stage.  If film is difficult (Memoirs of a Geisha was a case in point, Koji Yakusho did a better job than him I thought and he is not in as many English speaking films but over all Michelle Yeoh did the most decent job in that film) then stage performances in a language not your own must be ten times harder.     The pressure of not just a speaking part but singing in a foreign language.   Yikes!!    Anyway, if he lives mostly in Japan  – I`ve no idea – he would not be around English speaking locals on a daily basis (other than his language tutor/dialect coach or whoever he employs around the time of his plays/films) so give the man a break.    If you`re not based regularly in the country of the language you`re speaking then your spoken language skills are not tested as much.      Apart from the criticism over that, he generally got good reviews. Anyone seen any of the film versions of The King and I?   I`ve seen the one with Jodie Foster and Chow Yun Fat.  That was nice.   I`ve never seen the original one though.  Yul Brynner I think was the King and I don` know who Anna was played by.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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