While Japan and her

close neighbor escape danger

Nepal earthquake hits

Soon after I posted last week saying that Japan and Taiwan had narrowly escaped an earthquake, Nepal suffered a disastrous earthquake with over 3,700 reported dead to date.    Earthquakes and other natural disasters are tragic anywhere of course but Nepal does not have the same kind of infrastructure as Japan has (the foreign affairs minister of Nepal apparently commented on this himself at a conference in Japan just recently, a conference about aid in cases of earthquakes) in for example earthquake-resistent buildings, especially where schools and hospitals are concerned.   Japan is not invincible of course as we saw in 2011 but it has a lot of experience to offer Nepal (who has suffered earthquakes previously) in constructing such infrastructure.  The base of Mount Everest was badly affected and this will no doubt affect Nepal`s tourism industry.

The Nepalese are working away at finding survivors and dealing with the disaster and no doubt will receive a lot of international aid just as other countries have.   Those participating in volunteer tourism or in Nepal climbing will no doubt help out if not hurt themselves.

Chile also suffered an earthquake in early April.  So to Chile, Nepal:




Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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