Earthquakes be gone

Sad to hear that yet

another earthquake has hit

Nepal – done yet…


… Mother nature?   How awful that Nepal has suffered another earthquake barely 2 weeks after the first one in which 8,000 people died with many more injured.  It seems that it is proving difficult for aid to get through from the last one as well, not just in a logistic sense but in possible government corruption.   Fitting how then for this earthquake, videos were shown of politicians fleeing the Nepalese parliament which was in session when this second one hit.    It’s like both mother nature and the media has a message for certain people.  In any case, I really hope Nepal overcomes this in spite of its limited resources.   頑張って!!

This brings me to Japan and how I wish I could help out more when something bad happens there.  Giving money is fine but it would be nice to be more involved. Perhaps in translation work but my Japanese is not really up to that level just yet.   I’ll just have to work on that won’t I!!   There is an interesting group called Translate for Fukushima and I’m sure there are many more similar groups.      However, I hope Japan does not have to suffer another disaster like that ever again.  Mount Hakone has been showing signs of creating (more)  trouble lately.   I hope nothing comes of that.


I’m so glad I live in a country which has no such natural disasters although, as I have read, if that volcano on Tenerife ever erupted and sent waves towards us my whole country here in the North Atlantic, no bigger than Hokkaido in the north of Japan, would be wiped out and the eastern seaboard of the US would be destroyed also.    Mother Nature is merciless.

Postscript: An earthquake has hit the northeast of Japan in fact but thankfully no serious damage or deaths have been reported.  I only heard of this after posting this particular post.


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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