Rugby is on my

mind once again but so is

my Memrise word count!!

I have let things go a bit in Memrise lately and now I have a huge amount of words to catch up on yet again.  Not looking forward to that!!  The reason is I’ve been on a trip abroad and though I had my laptop with me as it was for work purposes, I still did not feel like sitting down to Memrise – too much to be done in Paris for that.


So nice to be in Paris again!!   I was thinking about rugby before my trip as the World Cup is approaching. I enjoy the world cup, both football and rugby, even with the nagging thought in my mind that there is too much money and no sense in the former sport, less so in the latter but there’s still enough (money), especially in France, so it might go the same way. I must say I was expecting a better buzz around the place, especially as it’s been hosted by les rosbifs just across the channel and the rivalry is always interesting there.  France are in our group and so while I would ordinarily support them as a second team because I really enjoy watching them, when they’re in good form, I can’t this time.

This brings me to Japan’s Brave Blossoms, a nickname that no doubt hopes to deceive any team planning to treat them as pushovers (or blow them from the treetop that is the top two places in the group table, seeing as we’re talking cherry blossoms).   Their samurai blue jersey gives a tougher image which counteracts their nickname (Samurai warriors were actually very fond of cherry blossoms seeing their short lifespan as a metaphor for their own lives) but of course they will need preparation and talent to make an impact and show that they are no pushovers.   Probably a bit of luck too.  I think Japan are in the running to host the world cup again – beaten by NZ in their past attempt in a bid – and might already have won the hosting rights for a few years down the line.   I don’t know just how popular rugby is in Japan (probably still a long way behind サッカーand 野球) and I haven’t checked out their group yet so I don’t know who they’re up against.   Hopefully nobody too strong. Maybe they could be my second team


Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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