Update on Rugby

South Africa yikes!

Samoa and Scotland hmmm

good luck Japan!


3 big Ss …. and the US. South Africa being the biggest and most terrifying prospect.   Scotland, Samoa and South Africa are well established rugby playing nations.   It should be a challenge for Japan and the US.  Don’t know much about the USA’s team, well nor do I know much about Japan’s actually, but both teams will no doubt attempt to avoid the wooden spoon as best they can.  I’ve a feeling South Africa will top that group but who will come second?  What I did not know about Japan’s brave blossoms, or cherry blossoms as they are also nicknamed, until today is that they have been in every Rugby World Cup since it first began in only 1987 (a very young competition) but they have only won one game so far (I’m using Wikipedia here so by all means correct me if that’s wrong).   Rugby was actually introduced to Japan way back in 1899 no doubt through the foreign influences swarming Japan at the time, though the first recorded match was even earlier, 1874 in a match played by British sailors.   And as I mentioned in my last post, Japan were previously in the running to host the world cup and have actually managed to grab the rights – for the World Cup 2019.  Just a year before the Tokyo Olympics.  I actually mentioned that discovery in a much earlier post but forgot about it.

First match for Japan on the 19th of September against South Africa.  Yikes, well best get the worst one out of the way!!   頑張って日本!!

Ireland vs Canada also on the 19th – should be a good match!!

Japan is having a rough time of it with the Etau hurricane wrecking havoc all over the place. Rugby, or any other sport, is probably therefore the last thing on their minds if it even registers with most people over in Japan.     With any luck this hurricane will stay away from Fukushima and the fragile towns there including Naraha which I mentioned in one of my recent posts but weather like that is indiscriminate in what it targets.



Any thoughts? In haiku form or not?

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